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My photographs read easily as film stills. Many of them contain only one subject captured in a single moment in time, but each image contains tension between a past occurrence and a future one. The language of storytelling reveals itself in the setting as well as the gesture and expression of the subject. In my narrative portraiture I am searching for juxtapositions of reality and fiction, horror and delight, good and evil, and light and dark. It is the fine line between these opposing forces; the gray areas of the human spirit, that interest me. Underneath the beautiful, polished surfaces of my miniature, self-contained "dramas", there is often a sense of unease, longing and anticipation. I strive to capture the turmoil that is in each of us that wells to the surface. Despair and paradoxically hope, a thread of strength in a well of madness. The fragility of the human spirit, this is my muse. In my work I have lived the participation mystique, collectively working with my artistic tribe and subjects, to tell the story: the written word, the image, the brush, feeding off each other collaboratively, sometimes nurturing, sometimes cannibalistic.