101 Pennies

“A Penny For Your Thoughts” showcases three decades of work about intimacy, loss, and the struggle between loving oneself and loving another. We all ultimately seek intimacy with another human. We sometimes transport this ambition to surrogates like animals, landscapes, or symbols to avoid directly addressing our desire. The images illustrate that craving and dissonance while playing with the area between representation and reality bridged by ritual and ceremony in an otherworldly vista. It is through this process of imagination and expression that we can reconcile our own twisted thoughts and our desire to see those thoughts reflected back at us through another human being. “A Penny For Your Thoughts”offers a look into a whirling cosmos of desire and rationalization.

The work is composed of 101 separate images that are framed and dry mounted each piece is 12x12 The pieces are hung next to each other with out space given the final piece a sculptural feel.

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